Wild Man
Produced the feature film Wild Man. It tells the story of three confidence men who tour New Zealand during the Depression, presenting one of them as the Wild Man from Borneo. Starring Bruno Lawrence as the Wild Man, Ian Watkin, Tony Barry, Martyn Sanderson, Bill Stalker, and Valerie Murphy as the saloon singer. Directed by Geoff Murphy.

Co-produced this six-part comedy series with Bruno Lawrence and Television New Zealand. The series won the award for the best New Zealand light entertainment of the year.

A compilation of the Blerta shows can be seen here.
Mozart Fellow
Composer Ian McDonald was appointed Mozart Fellow at Otago University in 1978. McDonald has always been interested in all kinds of music, from jazz to chamber music to orchestral music to radio and television commercials. This item explores his approach to writing music.

Sailing with a young Russell Coutts
Russell Coutts is a yachting world champion and three-time winner of the America's Cup. He started sailing in Dunedin, New Zealand, and in 1978 at the age of 15 competed in a yachting regatta on Dunedin harbour. He won two major races and came second in the third.

Hello Sailor
was a popular New Zealand rock group which recorded an album in New York in a studio that legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix once lived in and recorded in.

Otago University Capping Song
At capping time students mount a revue of skits and satiric songs. This song satirizes New Zealand's acerbic and authoritarian prime minister, Robert Muldoon.